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Program Spotlight

Young Women's Institute

A four-day residential program for female rising juniors in high school. Participants participate in business workshops at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and are able to network with women in the corporate world. Students also build leadership and presentation skills by preparing and presenting a case project. Program is completely free; students must only pay for transportation.


June 1

Eastern Illinois University High School Journalism Workshop

One-week free residential program for high school students hosted by Eastern Illinois University. Throughout the duration of the program, students are instructed on the fundamentals of journalism by day-to-day journalists, and must write several stories throughout the week. Students must gather information, and write, edit, and produce their work. Participants are also able to go on field trips, at which they can gain inspiration for their workings.


Rolling admissions

The Junior Academy

A fantastic opportunity where The New York Academy of Scientists chooses 1000 of the world’s brightest teenagers to design innovative solutions dedicated to society’s greatest problems. Students work with a mentor in an international group of 6 throughout 10-week challenge periods.


July 31

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