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Program Spotlight

University of Delware: Health Sciences Camp

It’s not just aspiring artists who can take advantage of precollege programs. Offered by the University of Delaware, the UD Health Sciences Summer Camp supports students with an interest in health science careers. During this six-day immersion program, participants will gain a deeper understanding of a wide range of topics, including premedical studies, nutrition, nursing, global health, and biotechnology.


April 30

ACS Project SEED

A paid summer internship were high school students are able to work in one of several participating laboratories, with experienced scientists as their mentors. Participants are able to learn about careers in chemistry, and receive assistance with college preparation and career development.


April 26

ACE Mentor Program

A nationally recognized extracurricular program for high school students in the Greater Boston area. Participants are mentored by construction managers, engineers, and architects as they are taught the basics of engineering design. Students work to develop their own building projects by the end of the program.


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