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Program Spotlight

Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program (HOPP)

Students are able to carry out an independent research project under the mentorship of a postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, or research technician. Students will also be able to participate in extracurricular events, tours, and luncheons. Upon program completion, students will receive a stipend.


February 7

USC Bovard Scholars

Intensive three week residential program which helps students gain admission to top colleges through admissions workshops, essay classes, and test preparation. Students are able to explore potential careers and universities while forming lifelong friendships.


January 15

Women's Technology Program

A four-week residential program hosted on MIT’s campus for rising 12th grade girls. Participants are able to choose between two engineering disciplines: mechanical engineering or electrical engineering and computer sciences. Students must complete rigorous coursework, and learn from a hands-on, teamwork-based approach. The program is free to students whose parents have an annual income of less than $120,000.


January 15

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