Why We're Here


After seeing firsthand how difficult it is for low income students to find affordable summer extracurricular activities, particularly with the rising number of college preparation programs with costly tuition, SuccessBaseMass was created to provide better access to free programs and internships. As such, this website only lists free or paying programs, which have the main goal of providing an educational experience.



Our mission is to provide low-income high school students with free, accessible, opportunities to that foster their interests, and utilize our resources to promote their growth and success.



We envision a society in which students can pursue their interests regardless of their socioeconomic status, background, or identity. Access to tuition-free opportunities will prevent polarization based on income, giving underrepresented students access to career-developing resources that will prove beneficial throughout their lives.


Our website entails a filterable database of over 350 free and accessible opportunities. These opportunities reach our weekly average of 400+ users. We also host events at SBM, with the purpose of teaching the participants valuable skills or connecting them to new opportunities. Our recent event brought in a guest speaker from Yale to speak about the essay writing process for college applications. Our resources are also promoted through our Instagram which has nearly 3,000 followers and our subreddit with 800 members. 

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this account. You're doing amazing. I'm glad this account is available for everyone for free with so many opportunities. Truly incredible, so thank you!"