Data Management Team

Arushi Chintakayala

Data Management Intern

Hello! I'm Arushi Chintakayala, and I'm a sophomore from New Jersey! I love reading comics and hope that one day I’ll be the artist and storyteller of my own. I joined SuccessBaseMass to help any and all opportunities reach students. I’m a Data Management Intern, and I'm looking forward to working and helping here at SuccessBaseMass.

Anonnya Debi

Data Management Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Anonnya Debi and I’m a student at Townsend Harris High School in New York. I joined the SuccessBaseMass team because, I wanted every student to have opportunities in what their passionate and interested about which they can learn further on from in variety of ways. Along with that, I enjoy helping others out in the community which I am happy I do could do being in the SuccessBaseMass team.

Evelyn Nutt

Data Management Intern

I am a freshman student at Stanford University hoping to major in Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering. I heard of SBM when I was a high school senior, and SBM's resources helped me to stay mentally and emotionally balanced throughout the application process. I love hiking, biking, volunteering, writing, doing math, and working on lasers.