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She ++ #include Fellowship

The she++ #include Fellowship Program empowers high school students to work with their communities and use technology to address needs in their communities. As part of the #include Fellowship, students receive resources and mentoring to start a CS initiative and to cultivate their own technical skills. No technical experience is required before starting the program.


December 2nd

LEDA Scholars

LEDA is a renowned college prep program that supports high school juniors through their final fears of secondary school and with the transition into their collegiate career. In addition to year-round mentorship, scholars are able to attend a 7-week summer program, which includes leadership training, academic writing curses, and test preparation.


December 15


A highly intensive year long research program for gifted high school juniors across the country. Students work on math-related research projects from their homes while receiving assistance from specialized mentors over skype.


December 1

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