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Welcome to SuccessBaseMass, a site connecting high school students to programs that suit their interests. The programs that are seen within these pages are all free and inclusive. Our mission is to give every low income student access to opportunities that encourage their aspirations.

**Many programs listed will still be operational and moving online; those cancelled have been marked as such**

What to keep in mind while navigating this site:

  • Many of these programs are categorized by opinion of the site organizers. Many are interdisciplinary. You may find programs that suit your interests in categories you wouldn't expect.

  • If the deadline has passed for any of these programs, the deadline will still be displayed for future reference

Featured Opportunities

Journal of Emerging Investigators

An amazing opportunity where middle and high school students can have their research published with the aid of graduate students. JEI is operational during quarantine, and students can submit works from projects they've done for classes, science fairs, or summer research.

Girls Who Code Virtual Immersion Program

A paid virtual computer science program where rising 10-12th grade girls are exposed to programming skills and several languages. Participants are also able to learn about tech jobs, and open themselves to a community of like-minded scholars. Only those who are beginners in programming (no AP comp sci courses) may apply. Rolling admissions. Accepts U.S. and international applicants.

A fantastic opportunity where The New York Academy of Scientists chooses 1000 of the world’s brightest teenagers to design innovative solutions dedicated to society’s greatest problems. Students work with a mentor in an international group of 6 throughout 10-week challenge periods.

Eligibility: Must be 13-17 years old

Deadline: July 31st


School Year Programs


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and everything in between

College Prep

Gotta get ready for the big leagues

The Arts

Cause, ya'know, drawing, writing, and acting are pretty cool


So many other things. Their uniqueness and versatility is astounding.


Social justice, civic engagement, and anywhere in between

Summer Programs


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and everything in between

College prep

Cause we have to take that leap sometime

Writing and Journalism

Someone has to say it, so why not you?


Social justice and civic engagement

The Arts

Whether it be visual or active... get creative!


The programs that are too cool for categories - so they get a new category​



How else will you pay for college? Loans are laughable.

3rd Party Programs

These programs aren't really programs... but they'll give you the hook-up.

More Resources

More sites that list scholarships, internships, programs, and advice. Cause, lets be honest, this site can't do it all.


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