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SuccessBaseMass offers virtual volunteer and internship positions in multiple departments. Interns must be responsible, independent, and good at time management. Interpersonal communication skills are highly valued.



Social Media

Manages all of SBM's social media platforms (Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Tik Tok, Youtube) and interacts with the audience. Also in charge of outreach to other organizations and websites for partnership opportunities.  

Digital Content

Creates photo and video content for SBM social media and events. Responsible for making content visually appealing and matching SBM's overall theme and aesthetic. Comes up with the content idea and ensures that the content in engaging. 


Writes articles on SBM's blog on the website. Responsible for making the blog engaging and meeting deadlines. Also includes newsletter team, which is responsible for the composition of the newsletter and the translation of the newsletter.

Web Development

Develops SBM's website. Responsible for designing the website and making it look appealing as well as functional. Troubleshoots bugs and problems relating to the website and updates it frequently. 

Human Resources

Hires new interns based on current openings and qualifications. Helps with the hiring process that occurs based on the seasonal internship system. Also in charge of the onboarding and the offboarding process. 

Data Management

Regularly inputs opportunities collected by the program research team into the website database. Responsible for double-checking information for accuracy and making sure data is readily accessible to the public. 

Research and Analytics

Analyzes SBM data using data analytics tools to generates reports and proposes actions to improve traffic. Also sends out surveys for feedback to generate reports based on collected data and proposes course of action.

Program Research

Looks for free opportunities to be listed on our website and social media platforms. These include research opportunities, educational programs, internships, competitions, volunteering opportunities, and scholarships.

Events Planning

Organizes events and campaigns to be hosted through SBM. In charge of brainstorming ideas for events and composing the event. In charge of reaching out to speakers or organizations for the events. 

Financial Officers

Seeks and plans funding opportunities for SBM, including grants, fundraisers, and sponsors. Will collaborate frequently with members from other departments.

Information Technology (IT)

Identifies and troubleshoots bugs within the SBM Wix, Notion, team Discord, and community Discord. Proposes. and implements changes for bugs to be fixed. 

Strategic Partnerships

Searches and contacts potential partners for collaboration. Reaches out to other organizations, websites, and people for potential collaboration.