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Internships at SuccessBaseMass are virtual. Interns must be responsible, independent, and good at time management. Interpersonal communication skills are highly valued.

Research Intern

Looks for free opportunities to be listed on our website and social media platforms. These include research opportunities, educational programs, internships, competitions, volunteering opportunities, and scholarships

Social Media Intern

Coordinates our social media platforms, partnerships, and campaigns. Social media interns aid in the promotion of our website and opportunities.

Article Writing Intern

Writes content for our website. Article writers have a lot of autonomy regarding the topics they write about. Interns can write about interviews, clubs, and much more. 

Graphic Design Intern

Designs images for our social media programs and initiatives that are aesthetically pleasing for our viewers. We ask that applicants send examples of past pieces they have created.

Regularly inputs opportunities found by program research interns into the website, and updates programs so that they are readily accessible to the public. This is the backbone of our site, and requires much diligence and independence. 

Data Management Intern

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