School-Year Leadership and Social Justice

Bird Street Community Center High School Youth Council

Eligibility: Must be a high school student
Deadline: Deadline not specified, email for application

Self-run youth council members plan and attend workshops focusing on leadership, advocacy, and interpersonal relationship skills. Members also participate in creating a community-benefiting business plan, and several fundraising ventures throughout the year. Youth council officers are also elected annually in a democratic process.

Castle Square Teen Program Internship

Eligibility: Must be 14-19 years old at start of internship
Deadline: Application now closed, will reopen early winter

Offers paid school year and summer internships for teens aged 14-19 in media creation. Using social justice as a catalyst, interns can choose two different pathways in their internship: making media while exploring different social justice issues, or analyzing media that pertains to social justice while planning community events. Interns also have access to SAT prep and college advising workshops.

Chinese Youth Initiative Year Round Program

Deadline: Not specified, contact for application
Eligibility: Must be 12-18 years old

A community leadership program for all youth who want to make a difference in Chinatown’s community. All leaders are able to consider different community issues and develop projects to offer solutions. In the past, youth have coordinated marathons and fundraisers, and have worked to find solutions to public transit issues.

Grlz Radio

Eligibility: Must be 14-18 year old girl
Deadline: Not specified

A year-round job where girls are able to discuss societal issues on live radio, create blog posts or short stories about their passions, make and edit videos, or run social media for girlz radio. Employees are expressed to a comfortable environment, where they can Express themselves and their thoughts on society in several ways. Students are expected to work 9 hours per week during the school year.

Mayors Youth Council

Eligibility: Must be a Boston resident in high school
Deadline: May 1st

A year round civics engagement program where youth residents of Boston are appointed to be part of several committees to represent youth in Boston’s city government. Through the mayor’s youth council, teens are able to have a voice in their city government, build a network of youth leaders, and become leaders in social justice.

Secret Service Student Volunteer Program

Eligibility: Must be a U.S  citizen, at least 16 years old, enrolled in school, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and not have a parent who is part of the secret service

Deadline: Applications open in February and July

A year round program which allows students to see the inner workings of the secret service. Students are able to explore careers while gaining valuable work experience. Students are unpaid, but are able to receive academic credit.

United States Senate Youth Program

Eligibility: Must be rising high school junior or senior who has held a leadership role
Deadline for Massachusetts: October 4th *deadline has passed, will reopen mid summer*

A highly immersive political public service program where 2 selected students from each state are taken on an all expenses paid trip to Washington DC. Student delegates will be able to experience policy statements from senators, cabinet members, and directors of federal agencies, and will be able to participate in meetings with the president and a U.S. Supreme Court justice.

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