Our Mission

Our mission is to provide amazing opportunities and experiences to high school students. Our team strives to promote programs that allow students to pursue their interests and to enhance their skills for college and their careers.

Meet Our Team

Daysia Charles


Daysia Charles is a high school junior living in Boston, Massachusetts. She was driven to create this site after noticing how disconnected low income students are from programs that encourage their interests. In the future, Daysia hopes to become an environmental engineer while continuing her fight to provide low income students with accessible resources.

Ryan Haisler

Article Writing Intern

Hey, everyone! I’m a junior at Tompkins High School in Katy, Texas, and my academic interests include Political Science, Contemporary Literature, and STEM. While I’m a student-athlete and a huge Arsenal fan, I’m also passionate about community outreach, creative writing, and independent research. Such passions have motivated me to join SuccessBaseMass’s initiative, and I’m excited about the opportunity to write articles to aid teenagers in exploring interests of their own. Through this, I hope to further take responsibility both as a leader both in my community and as a mentor to other like-minded high schoolers around the country.


Program Research Intern

Hi! My name is Elaine, and I am a program researcher for SuccessBaseMass. I research about medical programs, computer-science programs, and programs located in California. My main interests lie in computer science and aerospace engineering! In my free time, I like to code fun little side projects, watch dramas/anime, and listen to music.

Daniel Gendy

Program Research Intern

Hello, I’m a rising senior at McNair Academic High school in Jersey City, NJ. As a first-generation college bound student, I found myself spending hours on end looking for extracurricular activities that aligned with my interests. I decided to join the team at Successbasemass to provide all students the chance to unlock, explore, and develop a myriad of opportunities.

Nicole Jo

Program Research Intern

Nicole Jo is a rising high school senior at Phillips Academy. Outside of her schoolwork, Nicole is passionate about graphic design and theatre. She hopes to pursue a career in entrepreneurship to create her own sustainable business. She joined the SuccessBaseMass team to provide information for internship and program opportunities for students like her. She works as a program research intern.

Anisha Cherukuri

Social Media Intern

Anisha Cherukuri is a high school senior living in Canton, Massachusetts. She is a social media intern for SuccessBaseMass and is passionate about helping connect disadvantaged students to programs that help them pursue their career interests!

Aryan Gupta

Social Media Intern

I have a passion to explore the field of business and management in the future. A few words to describe me would be an innovative, disruptive, and problem-solving. I am interested in networking, building stronger relations with people around me and helping them in any way possible to learn and gain experience.

Liora Jones

Web Design Intern

Liora is a high school senior in Connecticut who enjoys learning about design and human behavior. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, and studying French She is planning to major in cognitive science and aspires to be a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction.

Yann Kull

Web Design Intern

I am Yann, a high school student from Switzerland. I'm a data nerd who is also passionate about politics and political issues. I spend my free time mountain-biking in the summer and skiing in the winter, I also really enjoy reading.

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