Our Purpose

Why We're Here:

After seeing firsthand how difficult it is for low income students to find affordable summer extracurricular activities, particularly with the rising number of college preparation programs with costly tuition, SuccessBaseMass was created to provide better access to free programs and internships. As such, this website only lists free or paying programs, which have the main goal of providing an educational experience.


Our mission is to provide low-income high school students with free, accessible extracurricular activities that foster their interests.


We envision a society in which students can pursue their interests regardless of their socioeconomic status, background, or identity. Access to tuition-free opportunities will prevent polarization based on income, giving underrepresented students access to career-developing resources that will prove beneficial throughout their lives.

Meet Our Team

Daysia Charles


Hey, I'm Daysia, and I am a high school senior living in Boston, Massachusetts. I was driven to create SuccessBaseMass after noticing how disconnected low income students are from programs that encourage their interests. In the future, I hope to become an environmental engineer while continuing my fight to provide low income students with accessible resources.

John Salib

Article Writing Intern

Hello, my name is John and I am a rising senior at County Prep High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. While my main interests are STEM, I also enjoy history and literature. I also really enjoy volleyball and soccer competitively and recreationally. My main job at Success Base Mass is article writing for the website. I joined because I knew the struggle that can result when trying to find opportunities. I think that helping others who are experiencing something that I went through is one of the best ways for me to give back, and I am excited to be doing that as a part of Success Base Mass!

Daniel Gendy

Outreach Manager

Hello, I’m a rising senior at McNair Academic High school in Jersey City, NJ. As a first-generation college bound student, I found myself spending hours on end looking for extracurricular activities that aligned with my interests. I decided to join the team at Successbasemass to provide all students the chance to unlock, explore, and develop a myriad of opportunities.

Sahana G

Article Writing Intern

Hi! I'm Sahana, a teenager with a passion for writing. My other hobbies include singing, reading, and spending time with my golden retriever, Cookie. I joined SuccessBaseMass because I wanted to use my love for writing to help fellow high-schoolers find opportunities easily.

Emily Liu

Data Management Intern

My name is Emily and I'm a senior from Ontario, Canada! I joined SuccessBaseMass as a data management intern in hopes to help students worldwide, easing the process of program research and allowing them to pursue their passions. My own passions include entrepreneurship, playing the saxophone, and learning about East Asian cultures and languages.

Nicole Jo

Program Research Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole, and I'm a rising high school senior at Phillips Academy. Outside of my schoolwork, I am passionate about graphic design and theatre. I hope to pursue a career in entrepreneurship to create my own sustainable business. I joined the SuccessBaseMass team to provide information for internship and program opportunities for students like me.

Aryan Gupta

Social Media Intern

I have a passion to explore the field of business and management in the future. A few words to describe me would be an innovative, disruptive, and problem-solving. I am interested in networking, building stronger relations with people around me and helping them in any way possible to learn and gain experience.

Liora Jones

User Research Intern

My name is Liora, and I am a high school senior in Connecticut who enjoys learning about design and human behavior. My hobbies include reading, hiking, and studying French I am planning to major in cognitive science and aspire to be a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction.

Yann Kull

Web Design Intern

I am Yann, a high school student from Switzerland. I'm a data nerd who is also passionate about politics and political issues. I spend my free time mountain-biking in the summer and skiing in the winter, I also really enjoy reading.

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