5 Steps to Studying Success

Successfully studying can be a challenge for anyone. Some people can study for one hour and be successful, while others try for hours without much success. This can be very frustrating at any age level. Some successful studying tips may include:

  1. Being organized

  2. The more organized you are, the fewer chances there are for you to forget something. This can include making a planner, using the notes app on your phone, or an online calendar. Evernote has been known to help students organize their classes and take notes successfully.

  3. Being organized can also include the way your materials are. Keeping folders or notebooks organized can help increase the chances of you being able to find things in an open-note test or even while studying.

  4. Pay attention in class

  5. This is key to any good studying habit. Whether the information may seem easy to you, it is good to brush up on specific strategies and gain new knowledge during a class.

  6. Furthermore, if you do not pay attention in class, the information you gain is significantly lowered. There has been a study that during this pandemic, there has been a significant learning loss. This is something that is suspected to impact everyone in the upcoming years. Teachers, students, etc., will have to adjust their teaching and learning styles to see what fits them.

  7. Review notes

  8. While you may not have the time to study your notes every day, it is essential to review them as frequently as you can. This can make it easier when studying for the next upcoming test or the final exam. These tests usually make up a significant portion of your grade. This makes it very important to study for exams or similar tests.

  9. Acronyms and Mnemonics

  10. When trying to learn specific vocabulary or a difficult saying, you can use acronyms or mnemonics to help remember them. These are typically used for retaining an expression on how to follow a technique or a vocabulary term. This can include a phrase like NASA, which is an abbreviation for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

  11. Pomodoro Technique

  12. The Pomodoro Technique has been used to help students focus when studying or trying to get a task completed. This is done by setting a 25-minute timer full of studying and then taking a 5-minute break. This is a known habit that is a time management system that helps people work with the time they have. Instead of wasting time procrastinating or taking significant breaks, this technique can make use of the hour or two in between classes or on the weekend.

The tips are not the key to getting good grades but rather the key to beneficial studying habits. Studying habits are one of the keys to success. So next time you are stuck or procrastinating, try one of these techniques. They may work for you!

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