Interview Tips for High School Students

Whether high schoolers are looking for summer internships, volunteer activities, or extracurriculars, excellent interviewing skills are the key to obtain the desired position. It shows how well-suited you are for the role, determines your performance and your interests in academics. Along with preparing explanations for questions, it is highly recommended to ask few quality questions from the interviewer to stand out by demonstrating positive, unique traits and qualities.

These are some helpful tips on how to be prepared for your interview:

  • Dress appropriately: Wearing the right outfit for an interview shows that you're prepared for the interview and highlights a level of maturity. A polished look for an interview also implies responsibility and a willingness to work.

  • Arrive early: It’s always recommended to arrive a little early and make sure you consider commuting time and possible delays, so you arrive on time.

  • Research the school ahead of time: Take the time to read everything you can about the school before the interview and formulate a list of questions that are related to the school. This shows the interest you have in attending that school.

  • Show off your social skills and maturity: Turn off your phone; don't slouch; make eye contact; take time to formulate your thoughts; try to avoid saying 'like' or 'um.’

  • Be polite. Besides greeting your interviewer by name, shaking hands, and saying thank you, make sure you send a prompt and personalized thank you note after the interview.

  • Role Play: The best strategy to practice for interviews is having a parent or friend acting the interviewer’s role so that you gain practice and work on eye-contact and body language.

  • Have a Linkedin Profile: Having a LinkedIn profile shows that you are professional. This profile has all your skills, extracurriculars, and awards in one place. It makes it accessible to you and anyone else who wants to look at it.

  • Answering Behavioral Questions: Behavioral questions seem pretty straightforward, but it’s not, and it’s recommended to follow the STAR/ CAR method to answer these questions in a better way.

These are some of the tips suggested by experienced graduates that can help youth in their future.

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