Research and Analytics Team


Christopher Navarro-Barajas

Market Analyst Intern

My name is Christopher Navarro-Barajas, and I'm an incoming freshman at NYU. I'm a Marketing Analyst Intern, and a fun fact about me is I love chatting with people on social media.

Darsh Bhalala

Market Analyst Intern

Hey! I’m Darsh Bhalala and I’m a marketing analytics intern at SuccessBaseMass. I’m a junior at JP Stevens High School located in New Jersey. I love to play basketball, shop for shoes, and draw. At SuccessBaseMass, I’m thrilled to provide opportunities for students like me!

Deepti Ravidath

Market Research Intern

Hi! I'm Deepti Ravidath, and I'm a senior at Westview High School. I'm interested in the Business and Health Fields, and hope to be able to impact people of all backgrounds by providing underprivileged students equal opportunities to develop their passions. I'm super excited to be a part of SuccessBaseMass as an intern!