Summer Arts

Visual Arts

MFA STEAM Team *Cancelled*

Eligibility: Must be in high school
Deadline: May 2020

Paid summer fellowship for Boston high school students where participants experience fun field trips and hands on learning in the STEAM disciplines. Participants must also commit to monthly meetings at the MFA throughout the school year.

 MFA Teen Arts Council *Cancelled*

Eligibility: Must live in City of Boston
Deadline: May 1, 2020

A summer and school year paid leadership development program for Boston-area teens, allowing participants to engage with art culture and gain important career skills by creating programs for the public, advising the MFA on engagement strategies, and leading tours throughout the MFA.


City Spotlights Summer Leadership Employment Program
*Program cancelled for summer 2020*

Eligibility: Boston and Everett residents ages 15-19
Deadline: None for 2020

Paid leadership training program where teens learn job readiness and community advocacy through the arts. Youth are empowered to advocate at the Massachusetts State House and perform about political justice with the help of local artists as teachers.

Improv Boston Teen Internship

Eligibility: Must be a High School Student
Application Deadline: Not specified, application still open

An internship where Boston high school students assist Improv Boston instructors in teaching students 8-13 how to perform in improv shows, and may perform shows themselves. Interns gain valuable work experience, comedy techniques, and mentorship skills.

Jovenes En Accion (Youth in Action)

Eligibility: No clear age group. Most participants in teen range.
Application Deadline: June 5th *Or whenever spots are filled, so apply soon*

Program where youth use theater, music, or dance as a means of expressing the issues facing them and their community. In theater, youth train with a theater resident artist and write and perform their own pieces as playwrights. In music, youth learn to perform and teach all types of music, with a focus o afrolatin percussion, and share their art with their communities. In dance, youth learn afrolatin dance styles, and become leaders by teaching those in their communities the moves they learn, and what they represent. Aside from the arts, there is also Youth Community Organizers, where youth focus on the problems in their communities, and attend press conferences and form structured plans to solve them.

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